Managed Email Marketing

Email Marketing For Authors and Writers By Prado Press

Prado Press takes all the stress and hassle out of email marketing. You can just carry on with their writing, which, after all, is all you want to do, right?

Managed Email Marketing for Authors Package:

Our Managed Email Marketing For Authors Package gives you the following:

  • Hosting your mailing lists with an unlimited number of contacts
  • Regular cleaning, as and when it's needed or requested by one of your subscribers
  • A monthly email, which we will create for you and send to your lists that we're hosting for you. Yes, this is for real, you won't get this in other mail providers
  • Monthly Email Marketing for Authors meetings to help you build your lists
  • An online course on Book Marketing for Authors
  • Included free is our VIP Authors Package

Our Managed Monthly Email Marketing Package takes the hassle out of marketing and promoting your own published books. We do that for you with various book promotion activities on our Book Luver site.

So where is the value? In us doing all these time-consuming tasks for you.

Forget MailChimp. They will only host your lists, but they don't do all of this for you!

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