All The Bridges We Cross

The Zookeeper’s Wife Meets All the Light We Cannot See
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A brutal war. An implacable enemy. With a young life on the line, will a simple man risk everything to smuggle her away from certain death?

All The Bridges We Cross

Occupied France, 1942. Garonne de la Fontaine keeps his head down. And though he’s no combatant, the soft-hearted boatbuilder avoids aiding the Nazis as he prays for the safe return of his freedom-fighter son. But when a friend brings him a frightened Jewish teenager in need of help, he reluctantly takes her in to keep her off the callous German radar.

Horrified after the Gestapo requisitions his house, Garonne sneaks the girl out under the cover of night while trying to evade tragedy. But when the Resistance saves them from a patrol, he learns of an English spy held captive—and only he knows the castle’s floor plan.

Will Garonne find the courage to become the hero that others need?

All The Bridges We Cross is a nail-biting standalone historical thriller. If you like Everyman champions, edge-of-your-seat adventure, and heartbreaking choices, then you’ll love Paula Wynne’s battle for liberty.

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